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AIRSEAIR has significant experience in managing and repossessing aircraft and engines in work-out and default situations. Airlines in default can be monitored on site for a period of time so as to provide banks, lessors and investors with real time information, enabling critical decisions to be made such as whether to repossess or allow operations to continue. In many cases, it is inadvisable to repossess aircraft and engines as opposed to allowing continued operations, due to the high cost implications of repossession. Even where an airline is not making lease rental or debt payments, it may be preferable for the lessor or lender to have a monitoring team on site for a fixed period of time so that aircraft and engine records, manuals and technical logs can be recovered in an orderly manner, which may not be possible when an aircraft or engine is seized at short notice.

Aircraft and engine recovery or repossession requires many aspects to be considered; airframe and engine records recovery, maintenance status, ferry flight and storage can all be covered under a bespoke schedule of aircraft recovery services. AIRSEAIR can advise on the practicalities of all these aspects including the cost implications.