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Electronic Terrain & Obstacle data (e-TOD)

Airseair electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (e-TOD) team is responsible for collecting, analyzing, validating, maintaining and providing the information regarding the state of (runaway) obstacle to the Aeronautical Authority. This high quality information available in electronic format is essential for each CAA to maintain accurate information of air navigation applications.


The new requirement from the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO (Amendment 36) in Annex 15 E-TOD Program must be accomplished by the participating states before November 12, 2015.

ICAO by Annex 4, 14 & 15, requires States to make terrain and obstacle data available in electronic format for air navigation applications. The accuracy and reliability of these data is essential in current global navigation.

Terrain & obstacle Data requirements are collected for 4 specific areas

  • Area 1 - Entire country territory.
  • Area 2 - Less than 45 kilometres and outside of aerodrome runway.
terrain terrain
  • Area 3 - 90 meters from the runway centerline and 50 meters from each of all other parts of the aerodrome movement area.
  • Area 4 - 900 meters prior to the runway threshold and 60 meters from each side of the extended runway centerline.

Electronic terrain and obstacle data (e-TOD) may be used in the following air navigation applications

Ground Proximity Warning System with forward looking terrain avoidance function and Minimum Safe Altitude Warning (MSAW) system;

Determination of contingency procedures to use in the event of an emergency during a missed approach or take-off;


Aircraft operating limitations analysis;

Instrument procedure design (including circling procedure);

Determination of en-route "drift-down" procedure and en-route emergency landing location;

Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A- SMGCS);

Product of Aeronautical charts production and on-board databases.


In addition, the data may also be used in flight simulators and synthetic vision systems, and may assist in the (setting of?) altitude restrictions or removal of obstacles that pose a hazard to aviation.

Airseair proposes an innovative solution for e-TOD program. Please, click on the link below for more details.

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