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Airseair International Services (Airseair), Inc. is an independent provider of aviation consulting services and on-site technical representation. Airseair offers technical service support such as aircrafts delivery/redelivery process or monitoring, technical services support and aircraft's engines management to the Global Aviation Industry, especially to Aircraft Leasing companies.

Detailed description

1. Delivery/ Redelivery process or monitoring: Prior to return an aircraft to its Leasing Company or owner. Airseair executes detailed aircraft surveys, including delivery & re-delivery inspections, asset inspections, records auditing and transfer of registry (FAA to EASA records for aircraft import) upon leasing company and new aircraft operator request.

2. Technical services support:

A.Pre-Purchase Advisory Services: Review of prospective aircraft specification, review of prospective aircraft maintenance status and Inspection of prospective aircraft's records

B.Induction of Additional Aircraft: Representation at newly manufactured Aircraft deliveries, follow-up of open delivery technical issues (new and used Aircraft)

C.Annual Technical inspection of Aircraft and records: Aircraft Inspection, review of Aircraft records, review of current maintenance status changes, review of manual and technical records updating, production of technical audit report, Liaise with Lessee's technical staff and Approved MRO Contractor as required

D.Aircraft Redelivery: Pre-redelivery inspection of Aircraft and records to identify significant issues

E.Aircraft redelivery project management including on-site representation.

3. Aircraft's engine management: Engine Inspection, records and document audits, engine delivery and re-delivery management, shop visit work scope compilation and project control, shop visit invoice and cost reviews, warranty issues reporting and representation.